Providing value through data is our mission

Benhamou Consulting is a consulting boutique which helps companies to optimize their business operations, growth strategies and valuation through data-driven decision making. We work mainly with

  • Raise funds

  • Grow or transform their business
    (through hiring, marketing, product launches, geographic expansion etc.)

  • Track and manage that growth

  • Forecast their portfolio

  • Understand uncertainty


Since launching in 2020


Companies helped


Start-ups successfully funded or currently fundraising


Businesses’ processes optimized

The team

We build solutions tailored to your business

One of our big success stories in 2021, was building a workforce planning and hiring optimization model for a consulting boutique. We built a forecasting model which not only identified and planned out how to correct the challenge they approached us to help with, but

Predicted another issue known to them but which had not been communicated with us

This was the result of working closely with the client to understand exactly how their business worked, and building a tailored solution to match their needs.

As a savvy decision maker, you know such forecasting accuracy is rare. But when possible, we’ll get you top level results.

Our guarantee. You will get a model (or other mentoring, analysis or strategies you need):

Get the most precise model possible


Specifically built to apply to your business


Completed quickly enough to meet your deadlines


Or whichever other mentoring, analysis or strategies you need in order to find the road to success. 

What's it like to work with us ?

Nobody wants to add stress to the process by working with someone with an attitude. 

No worries. We asked our clients for feedback.

How they describe the experience

passion made it more exciting




And that’s our goal. We want to be your partner who gives you vital direction, while keeping the process pleasant throughout.