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How to grow your business ?

We answer that by


Providing bespoke models you can apply specifically to your company


Offering guidance on how to optimize operations or processes


Mitigating the uncertainties your business faces

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Jasper Mordeno



        Our company needed forecasting in order to know which decisions would best suit our goal of growth. Raphael is a real expert in this and helped us get an accurate picture. But not only did he know how to get the model, he also knew how it applies to our business.




The hurdles our experts can overcome

Is there a better system than Excel?

You’re not getting a full picture of your finances from the one-dimensional tool. Without clarity, you can’t gauge which decisions would be right. 


We ditch Excel and use Causal, a specialized modeling tool with powerful capabilities in analytics.


What will our business look like in the next few years?

You know it takes a lot of expertise to forecast. And that it takes time and effort to develop. 


When we help you, you’ll get it done both properly and quickly.


Is our business running well?

You need an audit to stop revenue from bleeding through inefficient processes. 


Many of our clients were able to raise their profit margins by optimizing operations, replacing redundant tools or focusing on their most profitable revenue stream.


Can we find peace of mind?

Your current model is too generic. It doesn't have enough details and you cannot be confident that your business is operating properly.


With a well-built model you'll have clarity and serenity in your decision making.


Are we prepared for doom?

Some say: no pain, no gain. Others say: better safe than sorry. Which meaningless proverb will help you decide which risks are worthwhile and whether you should assign a budget for disaster?


We leave maxims for soul fulfillment and instead apply data to decide when taking on risks. 


We have dreams, but are they feasible?

You want to scale, but you’d like to get a sense of how your entrepreneurial dreams will play out in life—before investing real money.


That’s what models are for and that’s what we can build for you.

        Working with Raphael has allowed me to communicate my business plan in a more digestible way to investors, shareholders and team members. He is a modeling guru and I know I can trust his work.



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Jaideep Dhanoa



Ceramic Art

A custom-built model is crucial

Models need to be specifically for your company, granular in detail and broad enough to include all angles. 

To show partners and investors

To know which decisions your firm should make



We can help with that

With our years of experience, you know you’ll get expertly built models that will guide you in running your business.

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Naitik Mehta

Founding team


        Raphael’s impeccable attention to detail has helped us successfully transition from running our financial model in Excel to a new app called Causal. Raphael already knows the ins and outs of a relatively new software product, and has given us the confidence we need to trust the model we’ve built and to draw insights from. We’ll continue to retain Raphael to get his input as we refine and rely on our model over time. I’d definitely recommend Raphael and his team to help you bring order to your Excel chaos.



Antique Pocket Watch

Even after working on it for hours and hours, your model is still meaningless?

Hiring us is your way out of that frustration. And more. 

Generic models don’t help you


We specialize in bespoke models that you can apply to your company 

A refined, detailed and as-accurate-as-possible forecast

We use an iterative approach to answer all your burning questions

iteration (1).png

Life at work is a big rush

You’ll like that the model gets built faster with our ninja-level experience 

ninja (2).png

(as part of the model building process)

You’ll get an audit of how your company is currently performing 

audit (1).png

While working together, you can rely on us as a partner.

We relieve you of your highly responsible job and carry the responsibility. 

Companies we’ve guided

Crystal Ball

Your business is dependent on getting the forecasting and risk analysis right

And not getting it done properly can be disastrous.

Ensure your company gets expert direction

Have a model that’s as precise as possible


Hire us to

To help you speed ahead.

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