Managing Investment Risk

A client's had a number of holdings in industrial companies and wanted to better understand their exposure to volatility in the companies' performances. The historical and forecast performances were analysed as were their weighed impacts on the client's bottom line.

The largest exposure was identified as historically being the commodity price for the main product of one company. A forecast of the price was carried out to understand the client's revenues potentially at risk. This resulted in identifying that the client's year-on-year revenues were at risk of dropping by almost 50% due an anticipated drop in the commodity price.

This analysis provided the client with the opportunity to diversify their investments and hedge against this price forecast.

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Operational Risk Management

Several clients  have needed to update their operational risk assessments. Their risk universe was categorised and the magnitudes and likelihoods of all their risks were analysed. Deep dive analyses were carried out for the top risks to identify and rank the clients' top 20 (Tier 1 and 2) operational risks, and various management and mitigation options were identified and documented.

Additionally, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery documents were prepared for the clients.

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Risk Analysis Tool

A client with global operations needed a reporting tool to identify and manage the various risks across all their divisions and regional teams. Working with the client's HQ team, the requirements were identified and collected, and a tool was designed and built to accommodate all the requirements coming from the various teams.

This helped the client assess all their risks, understand their impact across the organisation, and prioritise which risks to manage first.

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Strategic Partnership Advice

A client with global operations was considering a partnership in which the potential partner wanted the client to share their IT systems with them immediately. The client was having reservations and wanted to understand the potential risks of such an action.

Research was carried out into the potential associated risks, and a report compiling a list a case studies in which similar cases had resulted in serious consequences was prepared for the client.

This resulted in the client delaying the partnership to design a gradual and rigorous IT infrastructure sharing process, to protect their Intellectual Property and other sensitive material.