Project Feasibility Study

A client had the rights to a greenfield fertiliser project for a new product, but only had a high-level valuation of the project, with little understanding of the engineering and business challenges associated with the particular project.

Through deep-dive analyses into several engineering, operational, agronomic and financial aspects of the project, in conjunction with performing marketing and strategic research, a detailed valuation of the project was reached. Using various analytical techniques, the initial project value was improved by 60%, helping the client significantly during the financing and contract negotiations.

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Constraint Optimisation

A client had the rights to a greenfield coal project which they wanted to raise funding for, and required an independent valuation for their prospective investors. The project had a number of operational and geological constraints to factor in, which investors believed lowered the value.

Through the building of an iteratively optimising algorithm, designed around the constraints, a valuation was reached which was over 30% higher than investors initially valued the project at. This valuation and the accompanying report aided the client in financing the project.

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Operational Investment Forecasting

A client's needed to make a strategic investment decision on their ageing logistics fleet, and simultaneously were looking for options to improve the performance of the overall fleet.

A 5-year business and operational forecast was built for the fleet, accounting for existing logistical issues, and unifying their financial, accounting and operational data. Following which, several operational and investment options were investigated and simulated, to identify the optimal strategies along with some contingencies.

Finally, analysis of the fleet performance exposed several bottlenecks, for which optimisation processes were developed and informed the client of some previously unknown issues needing addressing.



Fund Raising, Market and Product Strategy

An agrotech start-up business was looking for advice in developing a marketing and product strategy for their R&D efforts, and support in their fund raising efforts.

Industry research, planning and market forecasting was performed to identify what opportunities existed for their potential products, what their client base could be and what market share to aim for.

To aid in their funding efforts, several Business Plans were prepared while working closely with the client, to address various groups of investor.

We were also successful in applying for and entering the EIT Food Accelerator Network (with MassChallenge) 2020 program.