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Fractional CFO

Business owners seeking expert advice can take advantage of our flexible and cost-effective retainer service to help them navigate their business through its strategic and financial challenges.

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What is a Fractional CFO?

A fractional CFO is a part time Chief Financial Officer for small companies. It is a cost-effective way to receive professional finance and strategic advice without the commitment of a full-time hire, and the service can include:

Which companies benefit from Fractional CFO services?



As your startup gets off the ground, managing your burn rate and cash flow is crucial to your success, as is planning your future fundraises strategically. 


Our Fractional CFO service will help you navigate these challenges and ensure that your business has the financial resources and plans it needs to grow, thrive and fundraise. 


We will also prepare you for growth (avoiding financial mistakes), develop budgets, track your performance and help optimize your Go-To-Market strategy (if needed).



As your business scales, new challenges emerge, requiring a Fractional CFO’s additional involvement in activities such as M&A due diligence, valuation, business intelligence, financial analysis (FP&A), investor relations, strategic planning, and variance analysis in forecasting and budgeting.
As the team grows and additional stakeholders become involved in the running of the business, additional work will likely be required to make the financial models and reports more detailed and granular, and include more KPIs.


Investors and Incubators

Investment companies and incubators benefit from establishing relations with Fractional CFO services in order to provide support to startups in their portfolio/ cohorts. 

This not only provides the startups with the best tools to succeed, but can also help the investment companies (in particular) to ensure they are provided with the reports they need, and have confidence in the startups’ financials.

How we support your financial and strategic needs

Reviewing your data and financial statements

Based on our review, we can provide perspective on the state of your data, what your company is doing well and what it may need to change in order to improve its operational and financial performance.

Business forecasting

Building a bespoke forecast of your operational and financials gives us a deep understanding of your business. 


This helps us answer your pressing questions about financing, hiring, marketing & sales, or expenses.

Goal setting

Setting goals is an important process that helps you to  identify and prioritize your objectives, and develop plans to achieve them. 


It involves establishing specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals, and then putting plans in place to achieve them.

Budgeting and monitoring

In order to achieve your goals, a budget needs to be set, and KPIs and unit economics defined, in order to track performance. 


These then need to be monitored, to make sure that the business stays on track and deviations are understood and adjusted for.

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