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Subscription SaaS Revenues

Subscription based SaaS businesses often struggle with defining a pricing strategy, striking a balance between monthly and annual payments, measuring their customer LTV and payback period, and (if using an App store), forecasting their cash inflows accurately. This demo gives a preview of how this can be modelled and analysed.

This demo is part of the Benhamou Consulting Demo Suite, built using, aimed at decision makers of SMEs and Start-ups with subscription revenue structures. 

It is a high-level demo that uses cohort analysis to forecast subscriber behaviour, and allows users to try forecasting top-down strategic planning or setting a bottom-up marketing budget


The assumptions are all defined inside the demo to allow users to build their forecast. However, since this is a demo (and so has no historical data), some of the forecasts are limited in their accuracy as their is no historical data to compare to. Adjust your assumptions to test out your business' configuration and data by clicking on the Inputs dropdown. The (time) granularity of the charts can easily be changed by clicking on the dropdown on the right of any chart.

The demo is built if such a way as to allow other blocks of logic to be added later. Additional granularity and complexity can be added in, relating to the details about the products, analytics (such as A/B testing, pricing strategies, upselling and cross-selling, impacts of trials and freemium packages etc.), or additional modules related to costs, hiring, marketing funnels etc. The demo also has all the logic already included for it to be incorporated into a 3-Statement Financial model.

If you are in need of a bespoke solution to your business needs, please schedule a call via our Contact Us page.

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