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Step by step of getting your model

We start with a quick call where you tell us about your business and what you’re looking for. We then tell you how we can help and what our process is.
You send any relevant data: your existing model, accounting data, and more.
Quick call
Data sharing
We review the data and provide you with an initial estimate of the work required.
We start building your model.
Data review
Model construction
We check in with you regularly to update on progress, ask questions or request more data.
We schedule calls often where we show you the model as it progresses, explain it, listen to your insights, change what’s needed, add more details etc.
Once the model is complete, we share it with you so you can learn how it works, understand how to use it and ask us for changes.
Progress updates
Deliver model
folder copie.png
We have a follow up call to show you how to do certain things like add new data, change logic, create new/change existing charts, make new reports and create scenarios.
Project handover
Next steps
We’re available to continue working on more things, like integrating actuals into the models, adding new lines of business, changing the logic, preparing a scenario for a fundraiser, etc.
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