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Let the experts handle your finances

So you can focus on growing your business

Every business needs someone to handle its financial matters, from managing, tracking and dealing with incoming and outgoing bills and invoices, to paying salaries, auditing paper trails, budgeting for projects and managing the business bank accounts.

In most small businesses and startups, that responsibility often falls on the business owner(s), on top of their other responsibilities, despite it not necessarily being their domain of expertise.

Our service aims to relieve those business owners of this time consuming responsibility, freeing them up to focus on their core roles and responsibilities, giving them peace of mind that they’re getting expert support, and providing a service that will grow alongside your business so that you’re not left short-handed at critical moments.




Managing your company’s cash requires regular management of your expenses and revenues, tracking the company bank accounts, making payments to employees and contractors, forecasting your cash burn to ensure the business stays out of the red, planning fundraises (when necessary), and forecasting your cash flow.

We can save you tens of hours a month worrying about all of this, so you can focus on managing and growing your business.

Cash Management Services


As well as managing cash, a business needs to constantly focus on controlling and generating revenue. This means chasing down outstanding invoices, forecasting existing revenue streams, and developing, planning and forecasting future ones.


We can manage these activities for you, and having a detailed understanding of your business, be part of the strategic planning for new revenue opportunities.

Financial Planning and Analysis


Someone needs to handle your internal accounting, before providing your accountants with the documentation to calculate recoverable VAT, taxes due etc.

This also means managing your payroll (salaries and benefits), project budgets  and your accounting system. We can handle all that for you!

Internal and Management Accounting

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There are many strategic decisions you need to take at any given point during the lifetime of your business, many of which would be more easily made if supported by data and analyses. We can help you with these decisions by providing you with insights and analyses into:

  • Financial Risk Management (funding, runway)

  • Scenario Testing

  • Pricing Models

  • Strategic Insights

  • Operational Risk Analysis and Management 



The 4 Pillars of our CFO Service

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