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Give your new venture the highest chances of success

To ease the difficulties and uncertainties of turning your vision into a business, we offer


Mentoring — refining the business concept, maintaining steady cash flow, getting the first clients etc.


Modeling — a tailor-made model that you can really apply to your business, not the generic, template kind that doesn’t help you.


Fundraising support — getting the presentation right, so you don’t get sent away until you’re “more prepared”. 

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Wes Smithe


Direct Software


The hurdles our experts can overcome

        It has been great working with Benhamou Consulting, and getting to know Raphael. The day we were introduced I was in a time crunch with some financial modeling challenges, and he was able to get up to speed with and add value towards our first project in less than 48 hours.

Raphael is experienced, easygoing, and creative. Looking forward to more projects in the future, and highly recommend Benhamou Consulting!



We need to raise capital

You know that charisma alone won’t charm investors and that your current material isn’t that showcase-worthy yet.

You need us to fine-tune the business plan, develop the model and optimize the pitch deck to tempt the moguls.

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We need to manage cash burn

Finances are a fine balance. Burning through funds will mean you’ll lose more equity to investors, but being too thrifty will hinder growth. 


You can rely on us to optimize your burn rate so you don’t over or under spend.

Our DIY (or template) model isn’t good enough

As the only person on deck, you’re overloaded with work. You have neither the expertise nor the time.


We have years of experience in swiftly creating bespoke and reliable models.

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Our business plan is nebulous

You want a skilled sounding board to help you refine your business plan and market strategies.

We’ve done it for others and we’ll do it for you. You’ll find the right way to grow the business, and maybe even discover new revenue streams.


I’m beyond overwhelmed

There’s so much on your plate, you need to put your everything into this business.


You’ll learn what to focus on, you’ll be relieved of some responsibilities and you’ll get there faster, smarter and richer.


I want to avoid failure 

You know it's impossible to be an expert in everything, and you want to delegate to real experts who can get you the best results.

That's how you gain from working with us — you get your forecast, and learn the most efficient, money-saving processes and paths to success. 

        Raphael's level of competence when it comes to financial modelling is second to none. He is very diligent and professional in his work. We continue to hire him to help build new business models we are testing out for our companies.

Thank you Raphael!




Maxim Tarasiouk

Founder and CEO and Max Technologies Inc

Ceramic Art

You need an accurate and useful model

To show partners and investors

In order to develop your business



We can help with that

It takes a lot of know-how to create a model. Let us bring our years of experience to get it done properly and quickly.

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Anthony D. Begando


Professional Credentials Exchange

        Causal is a great tool for modeling, but I needed an expert to make the process quicker and also more accurate. Raphael delivered all that and the result was a great business model that impressed everyone on the team. It was also well received by investors and business partners to demonstrate that our business model was achievable and well thought through.



Antique Pocket Watch

Even after working on it for hours and hours, your model is still meaningless?

You have so many other duties calling your name—perhaps we can help with this? 

We specialize in bespoke models that you can apply to your company. Your model will include all the fine details, but also answer the high-level questions. 

Our process of building a model is iterative.

We check in repeatedly, giving you plenty of opportunities to ask questions, understand the model and request updates.


Your business plan, model and fundraising strategies will be solid.

While knowing we have your back with expertise and cross-industry experience.

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Your forecast will answer your questions.

As your understanding of what you really need and how to gain the most value from the model will evolve through the Agile process.  

So you can aim for realistic progress that’s not undermining or overtaxing your resources.

The KPIs you are tracking will be accurate benchmarks.


While working together, you can rely on us as a partner.

After sweating over every task yourself, partnering will be good for your business strategies, as well as for camaraderie purposes.

Startups we’ve guided

Crystal Ball

Your business is dependent on getting the strategies and data right

And not getting it done properly can be disastrous.

Ensure your company gets expert direction

Have a model that’s as precise as possible


Hire us to

To help you become a successful empire.

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