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Meet Raphael Benhamou

Director and founder of Benhamou Consulting

I’m a finance, strategy and risk consultant whose passion is providing strategic advice to help businesses grow and succeed and reach their potential. Good advice can be the difference between failure, survival and dominance. I believe that developing data-driven insights is the best approach, and that every company deserves and needs a bespoke solution that answers their specific challenges and questions.

My career has spanned building analytical tools to determine a multi-billion dollar investment strategy for global mining companies to following a micro mobility startup through several rounds of funding. During this time, I’ve advised on
finance, strategy, risk management and operational improvement across many industries and company stages.

I look forward to learning about your business and applying my experience to help you grow and thrive. Whether you are a startup looking to scale or a large corporation seeking operational improvement, I am confident that I can provide the strategic guidance and insights you need to unlock your full potential.


Our goal is to make finance a strategic asset to your business. We build bespoke models that answer your strategic questions, and also provide you with the insights you need to make the right decisions. Too often, CFO-level work is deemed a luxury early-stage startups and SMEs can't afford. We fix that by offering Fractional CFO retainers, and for those needing one-off support, can also work on short-term projects at hourly rates.

Broad Industry Experience

There are many similarities between different industries at an operational and financial level, and having worked with clients across a wide range of industries, we are well placed to help bring applicable best practices and business concepts across industries to best serve you. Whether it’s relevant KPIs, forecasting methodologies or revenue recognition practices, we’ll use the best, most relevant practices to deliver the greatest value to you.



The SaaS industry places a strong emphasis on generating recurring revenue and the cost of customer acquisition. Revenue recognition and forecasting can be complicated due to pricing packages, subscription packages and client behavior.



Fintechs often have complex, tiered CoGS structures, multiple revenue streams and an interest in understanding uncertainties. We are well placed to deal with these challenging issues thanks to our experience and modeling tools.




Two-sided (or more!) marketplaces have very powerful network effects, but supply and demand need to be monitored and managed closely to ensure continued growth.

Venture Capital funds, accelerators and incubators we work with

Many of the most important investors in the ecosystem rely on our work to lead the finances of the startups in their portfolio

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Arkin Digital Health
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Since launching in 2020


Startups supported pre- and post-funding


raised with our support


Small and medium businesses' processes optimized


Investment companies' portfolio analytics supported

We help you anywhere in the world

At Benhamou Consulting, we have no limits. Our team works globally in 20+ countries to provide operational, financial and strategic insights to startups, SMEs and investors.

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Our Customer Stories

Nothing brings us more joy than solving a complex challenge and providing valuable insight to our clients. Hearing that this led to a successful outcome, is the cherry on top!

After nearly 30 years of building complex business models in spreadsheets, I became aware of the Causal application through a business associate of mine here in Tampa. After acquiring the application, Causal's founders pointed me to Raphael as an expert in using their tools and building complex models. Raphael was a Godsend in working through building out a series of business models we have used in our latest fundraising efforts. Not only were the models exceptionally well built, our investors loved them as they clearly depicted "how" our business operated and the means by which revenue and costs flowed across numerous business lines.

Anthony Begando

Anthony Begando.jpeg

Raphael has been a great thought partner in helping chart complex financial models that retain flexibility and ease of use. He has been a trusted contributor especially in tight timelines. He retains an ownership mindset and is a pleasure to work with.

Jaideep Dhanoa

Jaideep Dhanoa.jpeg

It has been great working with Benhamou Consulting, and getting to know Raphael. The day we were introduced I was in a time crunch with some financial modeling challenges, and he was able to get up to speed with and add value towards our first project in < 48 hours.

Raphael is experienced, easygoing, and creative. Looking forward to more projects in the future, and highly recommend Benhamou Consulting!

Wes Smithe

Wes Smithe.jpeg

Raphael has been amazing to work with. I had been looking for someone to help me with our financial forecasts for a long time, but most attempts fell short [...] Raphael's ability to model and identify the break-even point enabled me to optimize our marketing budget and create a roadmap to profitability [...] Overall, Raphael's contributions were invaluable, and his deep understanding of financial statements and cash flow planning were crucial in refining marketing forecasting and budgeting. Raphael is an outstanding professional with excellent analytical skills, and I highly recommend him.

Jelte Liebrand
Savvy Navvy

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